Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Why Choose Made To Measure Curtains In Dubai

Are you tired of searching for the perfect curtains for your windows but always coming up short? Look no further than made to measure curtains in Dubai.

There are many reasons why made to measure curtains are the best choice for your home or office space. Here are just a few:

  1. Perfect Fit: Made to measure curtains are tailored specifically for your windows, ensuring a perfect fit every time. This means no more awkward gaps or excess fabric, and a neat, polished look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space
  2. Customization: With made to measure curtains, you have the freedom to choose from a wide range of fabrics, styles, and finishes to suit your individual taste and style. Whether you prefer bold prints, subtle textures, or sheer fabrics, there is an option to suit your needs.
  3. Quality Materials: Unlike off-the-shelf curtains, made to measure curtains are crafted from high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. This means you won’t have to worry about them fading, shrinking, or wearing out over time.
  4. Increased Privacy: Made to measure curtains provide an extra layer of privacy for your space, as they are designed to fit your windows perfectly and can be made to your preferred opacity level.
  5. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Properly fitted curtains can help to reduce your energy bills by keeping your home or office cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is because they act as an insulating layer, preventing heat from escaping or entering through your windows.

At Empire Curtains, we specialize in providing made to measure curtains in Dubai that are tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Our team of expert designers and installers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your curtains are a perfect fit for your space.

So why settle for generic curtains when you can have custom-made curtains that perfectly complement your space? Contact Empire Curtains today to learn more about our made to measure curtains and to schedule a consultation.

Excellent Home Interiors with Beautiful Custom Made Curtains

No space is complete without gorgeous custom-made curtains decorating the windows and doors. These can enhance the beauty of our houses and we only realize this when one of our visitors commends us on this.

So, how do we go about getting the finest curtains in Dubai and putting them on our windows? You’d also realize that once you put these curtains on, the whole space takes on a very elegant look and anyone would feel that it’s a well-kept house.

Patterns, types, and colors

When you go in for bespoke curtains, there’re a lot of options that you can make. When you go to the manufacturers who’ve great experience, they’ll show you that it’s just not curtains that you’re looking for.

There’re several colors and patterns that you’ll see along with different types of materials and fabrics. You can pick custom-made curtains in cotton if you’re looking at these for summer seasons, as then this’d let some air inside and also protect the heat from coming through your doors and windows.

Cost factor

You can pick made-to-measure curtains in Dubai for the budget of your choice. All you’ve to do is to let the manufacturer know what budget you’ve in mind and they’ll be happy to show you the right options for your budget.

After all, the curtains are a key factor for your interior and so do not think about cutting back on money. After all, when there’re a group of friends who come home and comment on your skill in finding the right bespoke curtains in Dubai, you will realize they were worth it.

Repair and Maintenance

Same as any other home hold product; your bespoke curtains are also susceptible to damage. More so the case, if you host several friends at home and spillage of drinks and beverages, is quite common resulting in damage to your blinds and curtains.

If your pets or kids could have pulled it around and considering the amount of money that you invest, how good it would be if an expert could get this cleaned or repaired? There’re some of them who provide to do that so talk and they’ll be happy to take care of your made-to-measure curtains.

Choosing the best custom curtains will provide great advantages in Dubai. To buy or need further info about custom curtains, blinds and draperies call us.

5 Reasons to Go for Customized Curtains

When you are excited to buy new, beautiful curtains for your home and/or office, you always have one question bothering you. The question is, whether to go for ready-made curtains or to go for customized or made to measure ones. If you have windows of irregular sizes then you should go for customized curtains but that is not all. There are other reasons or benefits of choosing or buying customized curtains. Here are 5 of those reasons.

  1. They are value of money

Yes, when you spend time and money in making curtains as per your windows size and interior requirements then you can get the expert’s services so that each of your curtains is made with precision and care. When you do so, you have to invest extra money and energy for sure. And it is obvious that n such situation you want value for money in long terms. And you can definitely get this with made to measure curtains with expert’s inputs in place.

  1. Home décor enhancement

Ready-made curtains can also do the justice to your home décor. But what if you are looking for unique curtains for each of your rooms and hall? What if you are looking for intricacies and details? You will probably not get this all in ready made curtains. So, you should go for customized ones in which you can choose color, design, pattern, size and every other small things as per your personal home interior preferences.

  1. Functionality as you want

You may be looking curtain fabrics and linings that completely block out the light from outside or you may just want to filter sunlight to some degree to keep your room warm. You can satisfy this functionality requirement through ready-made curtains also but you may not find always fabric style of your liking with lining type that you are looking for. In such situation, you can go for customized fabric styles and linings as you like.

  1. Fittings as required

Customized curtains also allow you to get the fittings as your windows require. Experts will tell you the hardware to be used that makes operating the curtains easy for you. You can choose the heading styles like double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat or pinch with eyelet that are available in made to measures curtains. They also add value to your interiors.

  1. Accessories of your choice

You may also want accessories to add to your curtains in order to treat your windows better. Accessories like curtain pelmet, valance or swags are all to make your curtains and the space look more beautiful. You can give extra touch to your windows through these and other accessories when you go for customized curtains.

Thus, there might be some extra cost, extra effort and extra time required to buy made to measures curtains but then once you put in your time, money and energy you get the best curtains suited best for your windows and your taste and preferences which is worth investing in. So, if you want absolutely no compromise with your curtains then go for customized or made to measure curtains without a doubt.

Details about Curtain Fabric Types

Curtains are a crucial part of your home and office. They play a functional as well as dressing part to the doors and windows. These days you have lot of choices in curtain fabrics, design, colors etc. Curtain fabric is an important element when you select readymade or customized curtains. This is because type of fabric tells you how your curtains will hang and drape. Along with this you also get to know the texture, coverage, ease of maintenance and longevity. So, to make an informed decision when you are going to buy curtains next, here are details about curtain fabric types.

  1. Cotton Fabric curtains

Cotton is highly popular and versatile curtain fabric. Cotton fabric offers crisp and clean feeling. They also suit the requirement of both traditional and modern styles. Cotton fabrics are light weight, easy to hand and fall as desired. Cotton fabric is a very good option for blocking sun light into your room.

  1. Linen fabric curtains

Linen is a natural and more of a billowy fabric. This is why Linen fabric curtains offer you a casual, airy and relaxed look which you can use in your dining area, bedroom and even modern living rooms. Drape of linen fabric is very smooth and nice and also because of sheer fabric they don’t stop sunlight. You can only dry clean linen curtains.

  1. Silk fabric curtains

Silk is heavier than other fabrics. But silk fabric is quite cool and offer you romantic feel in your bedroom. You can also use silk curtains in dining room. Maintaining silk is little tough as they are quite prone to sun damage. So, in case you want silk curtain for a room where lot of sun light falls then you should use window shades or light color panels for lining. Silk fabric is also dry clean only.

  1. Polyester fabric curtains

Polyester is very common in use. This is because of its durability, sturdy nature, affordability, ease of maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles or shrink or stretch. This is apt to say that polyester fabric is a good choice for those who have not much knowledge about curtains and want to averse risk of making huge investment initially only to repent later. You can easily use polyester curtains for bedroom and living rooms. However because of its flammable and limiting air circulation nature you should avoid using polyester fabric curtains in kitchen area. Otherwise they are available in wide variety of colors, style and patterns.

  1. Velvet fabric curtains

Velvets are made of both natural and synthetic fibers. They are thick and heavy and keep away cold from your home. Because of thickness they also offer you ample privacy along with blocking light and sound blocking. Velvet curtains drape well. You can use them for a polished look in your dining rooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms.

  1. Lace fabric curtains

Lace fabrics are good if you want your curtain to give you privacy and diffuse light at the same time. Thus you can enjoy an open and airy feel. This is because Lace is a very sheer fabric. Generally lace curtains are available in neutral shades so you can easily use them in any part of your home and it will coordinate with the colors in the room easily. Lace fabric curtains can be dry clean or machine wash.

6 reasons to buy made to measure or custom made curtains

If you are planning to install curtains in your home then you basically have two options to choose from. One option is to buy ready-made curtains and the other option is to buy made to measure curtains. You need to decide whether you want to go for readymade curtains or you want to buy  custom made or made to measure curtains. However before you decide this, it is better if you know the reasons why you should choose one or the other. So, here we are talking about 6 reasons to buy made to measure or custom made curtains.

  1. You get what you want

This is the best part of going for custom made curtains. You don’t need to compromise at all. You know your space the best. With made to measure option, you can choose exact color, pattern, texture, length, design, material, shading and all other factors that suit your home space the best. So, it is in your hand to decide the end product.

  1. You get unique product

If you want curtain that is not same and does not look similar to what is there in your neighbor’s home then you cannot go for ready made option. With custom made option, you get a unique product of your choice. You can choose curtains that suit the interior design of your home perfectly. You can add lot of values to your home by choosing unique curtains.

  1. Right curtain for right place

Different rooms, windows and doors may require different curtains. You can get absolutely right curtains for right place in your homes. For example, while choosing a curtain for your bedroom if your priority is to block the light, the consultant will help you with different lining options to meet your priority.

  1. Perfect measurements

An ill measured curtain may not solve your need and may be irritating also. When you choose custom made option, you get the services of expert who takes the right measurements because they know their job quite well.

  1. Best quality product

Quality is something you should not compromise with. You can choose best curtain manufacturer because they will deliver you a finished product in which quality and attention to detail will be beyond your expectations more often than not. You will also get warranty on your product.

  1. Financial assistance

You do want the best curtains but you also want affordable product. Specialist curtain manufacturers will provide you finance options to help make the product affordable. So, your financial part is also taken care of when you choose to go for made to measure option.