Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Black curtains are more than just a household item for homeowners. Several folks have the idea that they’re made entirely in black, which is not the case at all since most linings of blackout curtains are mostly made of white materials.

Indeed, blackout curtains that started back in the 40s have truly evolved. Made of tightly-woven fabric, blackout curtains provide comfort and other remarkable functions that those of ordinary curtains.

Why Choose Blackout Curtains?

Generally, they block all types of lights entering the room. Besides windows, they can also be placed in between rooms, giving the impression of a door. Though several blackout curtains in Dubai only block half as much light, some are designed to block a small amount of it.

Sleep Better With The Help Of Blackout Drapes For Windows

Blackout curtains are well-suited for individuals with rather odd times of sleep. Sleeping with lights on itself is disturbing, imagine how much more if you come home from a night’s shift, only to be awakened by the sun’s blinding light.

Here’s where blackout curtains come into play– they help you sleep as much as you need to, without the sunlight creeping in through your window, waking you up needlessly.

Energy-Saving Curtains In Your Room

Aside from preventing light, these curtains also can –

Block the sunlight during summer helping you to keep your home cool
Keeps the cold out
They also help reduce the noise level in your room
Help prevent heat loss

Top Advantages

Light blocking – The primary use of blackout curtains in Dubai is to block light. As a top-rated manufacturer in Dubai, we claim majority of light is blocked, you would able to feel the difference upon installing blackout curtains. This is wonderful for any space that you’d like to make a darker and calmer environment.
Reduce heat transfer Some curtains can block heat transfer by 20 to 30 percent. With this reduction, you’d see drastic results in your electricity bills in the warm months. Depending on how much you spend on air conditioning, its a decent amount saved each year.
Noise reduction Blackout curtains Dubai block a significant amount of outside sound. Blackout curtains can block this unwanted sound by as much as 40 percent. Some claim to be able to decrease it by more.

Curtain Tips For A Cool Home During Intense Heat

Temperature is touching above 35° C in Dubai. In such weather intense heat can be damaging to skin, body and overall health. We need to keep ourselves cool when we go out. We also need to keep our home cool during intense heat such as now. We can keep our doors closed. But if we have sun facing windows then we don’t want to close the windows all the time because it only stops heat but also light which we need during the day. So, curtains are used to cover the windows. In summers, one can follow some curtain tips for a cool home during intense heat. You can buy best curtains in Dubai for summers and follow below tips:

  1. Use light color curtains

You can keep your room cooler during the period of intense heat by using drapes or curtains to cover windows. Light colored fabric or reflective backing curtains for window treatments in summers are great choice as they work best. You can use adjustable curtains and also keep your curtains completely closed to control and direct sunlight into room as they act as a light and heat barrier.

  1. Use blackout curtains

Keep your home cool during the hottest hours of the day by keeping your windows covered. Keep your curtains drawn during daytime to prevent the sun from shining directly into your room through the windows. You are suggested to use blackout curtains which are designed in a way that prevents heat transfer. This allows you adjust brightness and keeps your room cool for longer hours. You can use darker color if absorbing heat is your priority.

  1. Use sheer curtains

During summers you also like to enjoy the sun light, and sheer curtains allows you do that. They are translucent and thus let the light in, keep your view intact, offer you little extra privacy and they also keep out pesky insects away from your entering your rooms. Light passing through proper set of sheer curtains softens and thus gives your room a calm and relaxing vibe. Sheer curtains are great choice for a living room, or any other room. You can buy best sheer curtains in Dubai.

  1. Use combination of sheer and blackout curtains

Sheer curtain allows mild sun light and blackout curtain blocks sun light completely. In summers, you can use sheer curtain paired with blackout fabric so that when you want to enjoy light you can use sheer curtain and when you want complete block out you can draw the blackout fabric paired with it.

  1. Use custom made curtains

If you are not getting what you require in ready-made options, you can always go for made to measure curtains. This gives you huge advantage of choosing everything as per your requirement such as fabric type, length and breadth of fabric, endless design options, color options and styles. One drawback of customized curtain is that they are costlier than ready-made ones. But if you have little extra budget then you can get summer heat problem solved with customized curtains absolutely. You can always get best customized curtains in Dubai.

Few good reasons why you should buy blackout curtains

Choosing the right kind of curtains for your windows and door can be a challenging work. We all want best quality curtains, which compliment the room décor and aesthetically beautiful. While selecting curtains, we have many varieties available in the market. And blackout curtains are one of the many types of curtains, popular among people. Blackout curtains designed to block lights into the room and made from a heavy and tightly woven fabrics. However many of us abstain from buying blackout curtains for our room for various reasons. So here are few good reasons to buy blackout curtains for the windows and doors.

• Manage light in the room

Blackout curtains are the perfect choice if you want dark and intense environment in the room. These curtains are made to block light from external source through the curtains. You can manage the light by opening or closing the curtains.

• Help to sleep better

Blackout curtains block the sunlight effectively, so we can have a better sleep in the morning. We have more sound sleet when there is no light and therefore blackout curtains naturally create the environment for us.

• Reduce noise from external source

Along with light, blackout curtains successfully reduce the noise in the room. It effectively blocks sound from external source so that we can have peaceful environment.

• Reduce electricity bill

If you live in a place, which is hot and dry, then you may incur high cost on electricity bill due to more use air conditioning. However blackout curtains can curl the bill efficiently as it help to retain the heat out from room. Blackout curtains naturally reduce the inside temperature of a room in comparison to outside.

• Long lasting in comparison to other curtains

Blackout curtains are made of thick material and therefore the life of the curtains is much longer than other kind of curtains.