3 things you must see before choosing curtains for your rooms

Curtains are the most significant and important part of your room décor, which you can hardly ignore. Curtains create the aura and tone of the room as per your preference. It does not matter whether you buy a new house or revamping your existing room, curtains are the crucial part of it. There is no dearth of choices for curtains in the market. It is difficult for someone to choose from this ocean of curtain varieties. So what are the most important things one must see in the curtains before buying? Here are three most important aspects of curtains, one must definitely see before buying



Fabric or the material is the crucial part of curtains. It helps to create a luxurious look and style statement for your room. There are many different types of fabrics available in the market. Some of the common fabrics used for curtains are Cotton, velvet, sheer laces etc. You must consider the mood and décor of the room before selecting the fabric type. One more important thing for fabric picking is the amount of light you need to pass through your curtains.

2. Solid or Printed

You can go for pure solid color or printed curtains for your room. However it should match the overall décor and type of furniture used in the room. You can either match the curtains with rest of the décor or juxtapose it. There are different types of prints curtain prints you can have as per your preference. You can try some quirky pattern or more common like floral pattern for curtains

3. Colors

Last but not the least the color of the curtains. You should keep the decoration of rest of the room before choosing the curtain color. It also depends upon the kind of room for which you are purchasing the curtains. Like for bedroom you shall try more soothing color for curtains. Many people like the curtains to be in center of attention and try a contrast color with rest of the room.