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Custom Made Curtains Vs. Readymade Curtains

Curtains are an essential need for a room with windows for various reasons. However, its always a difficult decision to decide wether choose custom made curtains or readymade curtains. Due to the cost involved readymade curtains are often economical option compared to custom made curtains. Though the term themselves explain what custom made and readymade curtains means, but its good if we give a short description for both which is as follows:

Custom Made Curtains

Custom Made curtains are the ones which are made according to your window dimensions with  fabrics of your choice. Alternate terms for custom made curtains are made to measure curtains, bespoke curtains, custom made draperies, made to measure draperies, bespoke draperies etc.

Advantages Of Custom Made Curtains

There are many advantages of Custom made curtains. It gives you freedom and option to choose right color, fabric and texture based on your taste and decor of your room. You can decide the gathering, style and drop of curtains. You can choose the best of tracks for the curtains to operate smoothly.

Disadvantage Of Custom Made Curtains

The only drawback of custom made curtains is they usually cost triple the amount of readymade curtains.

Readymade Curtains

Readymade curtains are the ones which are already stitched with standard panel sizes. These are available to order online or can be purchased from home furnishing stores.

Advantages Of Readymade Curtains

Readymade curtains are easy to source, cost effective and save time as they just need to be bought and can be installed immediately.

Disadvantages Of Readymade Curtains

The disadvantages of readymade curtains are lot more compared to their advantages. The choice of colors, fabric and texture is limited with readymade curtains. Since these are available in standard sizes, its usually difficult to get perfect fit and look with readymade curtains.


Considering the above points its easier to decide whether choose custom made curtains or readymade curtains. However, experts believe that its worth choosing custom made curtains give more satisfaction from both convenience and aesthetic aspect.

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