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5 Cleaning Tips For Blinds

You invest time, money and energy to choose best blinds for your windows. So, you want longevity and ease of care and maintenance for blinds also along with other features of it. However, no matter which blind you choose, they all require some degree of care and maintenance. If you know how to do it, it helps your blinds stay in good condition for longest period possible. You do get care and maintenance tips from the manufacturer when you buy a new one. Here are some care and maintenance tips when you buy blinds in Dubai:

1. Regular dusting and periodic vacuuming

Regular light dusting keeps your blind in new like appearance. This works well for most of the blinds. However, you should not use magnetic cleaners like dusting mitt on light-dimming fabrics. This can damage the backing of the light-dimming fabric. Similarly vacuuming and blowing also helps. Use brush attached on any vacuum cleaner and for blowing you can use a hair dryer to dust off. When you vacuum, you should do it downward only otherwise if you do it upward then slats may get unhooked.

2. Use appropriate cleaning products

Spot cleaning is not advised for all blinds. Before you think of it, you should refer to manufacturer’s guidelines because doing it can be unsafe for your blinds. However, if you do spot cleaning then you should use a white clean cloth and mild detergent only which are free from additives and are non-abrasive. You can also take a clean and dry cloth, spray an all-purpose cleaner onto it and wipe out all the solid areas on your blinds. Don’t spray the cleaner on the blinds directly.

3. Removing bugs

Don’t be tempted to use stick, wand or handle to get rid of pests caught in your blinds especially if they are made of delicate fabrics. You will do a lot of damage to the fabric by beating them with a stick or a wand. For such fabrics, you can simply blow bugs out gently by using hair dryers on a cool settings. This will remove bugs to a great extent. You can apply for this for your blinds in Dubai.

4. Metal and vinyl blinds need different method

If you have metal or vinyl blinds them you can take them out, lay them on a rug or a carpet. Now, you can take a bucket full of water and put few drops of dishwashing soaps into it. Now, with a wet car washing brush, you can brush the blinds from one side to another. Once one side is done, you can turn it over and repeat the process to this side also. After that rinse gently to take water off and make sure no water remains on your blind. After that, you can dry the blind by draping it over a fence or a couch.

5. Know when cleaning at home is not possible

Yes, this is very important. You should not think of saving money and becoming an expert of blinds cleaning at home in all conditions. If your fabric of the blind gets very dirty, you need to take them to the local dry cleaners instead of trying to clean it at home somehow.

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