Why should you use pleated blinds?

Pleated blind is a great choice for windows treatment. This is made from a pleated fabric that sits flat at the top of a window when pulled up and thus act as no hindrance to sight when it is open. Thus, pleated blinds are a delicate choice for windows dressing that hang freely and fit perfectly. You know that there are other types of blinds available in the market for your windows treatment then why should you use panel blinds? Well, here are some of those reasons or advantages of using panel blinds at homes.

  1. They stack neatly

Panel blinds don’t hinder your sight if you open the blind completely as they stack up at the top of the window. This allows you to enjoy the sight out of the window. They look neat, sharp and add elegance to your rooms. They also fit perfectly to your windows. You can get the best pleated binds in Dubai.

  1. Light control

Whether you use curtain or blind, one of the basic objectives is to control the sunlight to your liking and requirement. With pleated blinds, you can control the amount of light or filtered light entering your rooms. Even when you shut down the blind, the blind will still brighten your room and keep it airy as pleated blinds don’t block light completely. But if you prefer to keep your rooms darker, you can choose darker color patterns. With these pleated shades available in different designs help you block light. There are wide varieties of fabrics available to choose from for a pleated blind.

  1. Wide range of options

Pleated blinds are available in wide ranges. Pleats come in small, medium and large sizes. They are extremely flexible and available in various operating methods which ensure that it is easy to use and clean as well. Also, as mentioned in the previous point also, pleated blinds are available in multiple fabrics such as woven grass look fabric, crinkle silks, solid fabric, textured fabric etc. They are also available in multiple colors and designs.

  1. They are easy to use

Pleated blinds are easy to operate. Those looking for single layer window covering can opt for pleated blinds. If you don’t like using horizontal or roller blinds, then pleated shades become a great choice for your windows. Pleated blinds are made of the materials that give you privacy control. Apart from this, you can fold them very neatly at the top of the window without consuming much of the space. If you are looking for best pleated blinds in Dubai, you can buy it here.

  1. They are durable

Pleated blinds are durable and easy to maintain. Structure of pleated blind allows you to have total operational control with multiple control settings offered by the manufacturers. They are easy to clean and thus they remain free from dust and dirt for longer time.

  1. They are less expensive

When buying curtains or blinds, price is definitely on your mind. So, the good thing with pleated blind is that they are inexpensive compared to some other types of windows treatments. So, if you have a tight pocket then you can go for pleated blind but that does not mean you get a bad deal. With pleated blinds you actually get softness and texture for your windows.

So, pleated blinds may not be ideal choice for every home like any other blinds available, their wide variety of fabrics, lifting options and shapes, their affordable price make them a good choice for several blinds buyers.

Why you shall use panel blinds for windows?

There are several options available for windows treatments such as curtains and blinds. Blinds are used for windows covering and there are different types of windows blinds with variety of control systems. A window blind is generally made of several long vertical or horizontal slats. These slats are made of different types of materials such as plastic, wood or metals and they are held together by cords running through the blind slats. Blinds can be operated and controlled manually or by remote control. There are so many options available in the market and panel blinds is a good choice among them for your windows treatment.

Panel blind is an alternative to vertical blind. They move in horizontal directions. They have a tracking channel, which can be moved in left to right direction or vice versa to open the blind. Panel blind can also be opened directly from the center moving off in left and right directions. You can get best panel blinds in Dubai. However, the question is why you shall use panel blinds for windows? Well, here are some of the reasons of it.

  1. They are easy to use

Panel blinds are quite easy to operate. You have choices of either a control wand or a cord operated systems to control panel blinds. Panels are quite easy to move in either of the left or right directions and to make panel blinds even easier to use there are fully automated options also available which can be operated by pushing a single button.

  1. Ideal for oversized windows and sliding doors

Panel track blinds are simply the best solution for covering sliding glass doors and oversized windows. Panels slide quite easily back and forth on a track making it quite easy to operate and they can be stacked completely clear of the door or window when in the open position. Gliding effortlessly on a wheel carrier track, they are simple ideal for large windows. You can get idea panel blinds in Dubai.

  1. Easy to maintain

Panel blinds are easy to maintain. In open position blinds are stacked one behind the other and thus they are free from dust and dirt very much. Also if materials such as wood, vinyl and other synthetic materials are used for panels then they happen quite easy to clean in comparison to fabrics. One can simply brush off the dust to keep the blind clean and no hassle of washing or dry cleaning.

  1. They provide safety

Tangling cords or breaking strings have been seen as dangerous things for children especially. Panel blinds are free from them. Also because panels are completely at the either side of the door or window as you keep them in open positions, you can make full use of the windows viewing through or doors when passing them.

  1. They add lot of aesthetic appeal

You can use white or single color panels to give a great look and feel appeal to your windows or doors. Also the way panel work on stacking on either side of the window or door completely in open positions, they work best in contemporary, minimalist homes. So, to make your homes look more beautiful get the best panel blinds in Dubai.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Curtains in Summers

Summer season is here and temperature is rising. Days are getting hotter and now you don’t want much of the sun light to come in to your home. Basically you would like to change the entire setting of your home keeping in mind the weather conditions. Now, you need more of a pleasant personality for your windows and you can start the job by changing curtains that you used in winters. To stop sunlight into your bedroom now you may go for blackout curtains and you can get best blackout curtains in Dubai easily. So, what do you need to consider this summers for your curtains? Well, here are 5 things to consider when buying curtains in summers.


  1. Fabric & color

Fabric is essential element when you are looking to buy curtains in summers. You ideally would choose light fabrics for summers with cotton and linen as a preferred choice. They are soft and easy to maintain and give a bright look to your rooms. You can add blackout also if you want more privacy and blackout of sunlight.

Similarly color is also very important thing to consider for curtains. In summers, you would not want rich colors and replacing them with pastel ones can be really a good choice. They instantly lighten up the space.


  1. Light control

 Summer has warm to hot temperatures and as much as you enjoy early morning sun light you definitely don’t enjoy it as the day progresses. And especially for your bedrooms where you want to take a nap sometime you want little or no sunlight at all. For, this situation you can go for blackout curtains as they are the best choice to adjust the brightness of the room. Blackout curtains help you keep your room dark and cozy entire day apart from giving you privacy.


  1. Readymade or made to measure curtains

This question applies in summers also. And the answer is that if you really want curtains of your choice then go for made to measure ones provided you are ready to pay little extra. Readymade options are also good as there are lots of varieties available now from all the manufacturers. You should also inquire whether the curtains are washing machine friendly or they require dry cleaning from outside.


  1. Sheer curtains are good choice for summers

Summer is the best time to bring sheer curtains home. It lightens up the space as they allow most light through the fabric. You may not want it for your bedroom but definitely for other rooms. You can put them on a passage and enjoy the light in through the day. You can also pair them best with blackout curtains and use it in your bedroom and living room.


  1. Blackout curtains are best for summers

Sheer curtains with soft color look lovely in summers but you definitely need cool ambience at home in summers. For this you need some blackout window curtains in summers. With blackout you can control the sunlight as you desire and thus you can keep your room temperature cool, a much needed thing in summers. So, you can buy some blackout curtains in light colors to keep the room temperature and ambience as per your requirement. Also, if you are looking for best blackout curtains then you can get blackout curtains in Dubai.



Difference between Inside and Outside Mount Blinds

The moment you need to decide for a blind for your windows treatment, a question pops up. The
question is what is better for my windows, inside mount blinds or outside mount blinds? To simply
answer the question, if your window frame has enough depth to mount the blind inside the opening,
you can choose inside mount blind and if your window frame doesn’t have enough depth inside then
you can choose outside mount blind. You can get best of either of these two blinds in Dubai. So, what is
the difference between inside and outside mount blinds? Well, differences can be explained in following

1. One fits inside the frame while other fits outside
As the name suggests inside mount blind fits within the window frame so they are installed inside the
top of the windows frame. For inside mount blinds, the brackets are screwed into either the ceiling of
the window opening or they are fitted on the sides of window. Outside mount blinds on the other hand
are installed on the wall above the window or on the window trim directly.

2. Inside mount gives neater and cleaner look
Because inside mount blind fits within the window frame so it obviously looks neater and cleaner in
comparison to outside mounted blinds which is installed on the wall or trim above the window thus
outside the window frame. So, if inside mounted is good for windows frame with good enough depth
but if your windows are shallow which cannot mount inside then you should go for outside mount

3. Measurements differ
When you use inside mount blinds then size of the blind will be different than the size of outside mount
blinds. For inside mount you need to measure the exact size of the window opening from edge to edge
while outside mount blinds are recommended several inches larger than the windows opening on all
sides. You can get both kinds of blinds in Dubai. And there are regular sizes available in readymade
options but if you find that none fits your windows then you can go for made to measure options.

4. Outside mount blinds can fit any windows while inside ones cannot
Because outside mount shades or blinds goes outside the windows frame so it does not matter what is
the size and depth of your window frame, they can cover all kinds of windows while on the other hand
inside mount blinds can fit only inside the window frame so they require enough depth and they cannot
be installed in windows with shallow depth.

5. Outside mounts are great choice for doors
Because doors often don’t have enough space or depth so to say to install inside mount blinds so for
doors outside mount blinds are great choice. Outside mounts not only fit well for doors but they also
provide more privacy and light control which is otherwise difficult in such areas.

So, there are other differences as well between inside mount and outside mount blinds and depending
upon your requirement you can choose one that suits your requirement better. You can also ask for
expert advice if you are not able to figure out on your own.