Motorized Blinds in Dubai   Motorized Blinds in Dubai Discover key facts about blackout curtains in Dubai including their benefits, features, and where to find the best options for your home or office.

Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Black curtains are more than just a household item for homeowners. Several folks have the idea that they’re made entirely in black, which is not the case at all since most linings of blackout curtains are mostly made of white materials.

Indeed, blackout curtains that started back in the 40s have truly evolved. Made of tightly-woven fabric, blackout curtains provide comfort and other remarkable functions that those of ordinary curtains.

Why Choose Blackout Curtains?

Generally, they block all types of lights entering the room. Besides windows, they can also be placed in between rooms, giving the impression of a door. Though several blackout curtains in Dubai only block half as much light, some are designed to block a small amount of it.

Sleep Better With The Help Of Blackout Drapes For Windows

Blackout curtains are well-suited for individuals with rather odd times of sleep. Sleeping with lights on itself is disturbing, imagine how much more if you come home from a night’s shift, only to be awakened by the sun’s blinding light.

Here’s where blackout curtains come into play– they help you sleep as much as you need to, without the sunlight creeping in through your window, waking you up needlessly.

Energy-Saving Curtains In Your Room

Aside from preventing light, these curtains also can –

Block the sunlight during summer helping you to keep your home cool
Keeps the cold out
They also help reduce the noise level in your room
Help prevent heat loss

Top Advantages

Light blocking – The primary use of blackout curtains in Dubai is to block light. As a top-rated manufacturer in Dubai, we claim majority of light is blocked, you would able to feel the difference upon installing blackout curtains. This is wonderful for any space that you’d like to make a darker and calmer environment.
Reduce heat transfer Some curtains can block heat transfer by 20 to 30 percent. With this reduction, you’d see drastic results in your electricity bills in the warm months. Depending on how much you spend on air conditioning, its a decent amount saved each year.
Noise reduction Blackout curtains Dubai block a significant amount of outside sound. Blackout curtains can block this unwanted sound by as much as 40 percent. Some claim to be able to decrease it by more.
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