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Curtains Vs. Blinds

When it comes to choosing the right solution for windows, one of the dilemma is to choose Blinds or Curtains.

One can make a right decision if they are aware of pros and cons of both based on their window sizes.

When it comes to offices, no doubt Blinds are the best option as they take minimum space, make the room look bigger and provide easy operation.

However for residential needs, both blinds and curtains can work well provided the window sizes are not very big. For bigger size windows, the blinds have to be made in two or more pieces, in this case there is always a gap between the two blinds who h are fixed on one window. It makes the light to enter the room and also impacts privacy. If the window size is very big, then its better to choose curtains to achieve privacy and light blockage.

Hope the above details would help you in making the right decision. Should you wish to install curtains in Dubai or Blinds in Dubai, please feel free to contact us. We would visit you with relevant fabric options, measure your windows, give quick estimate, provide fast and neat installation for your chosen options.

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