5 Things to Consider When Buying Curtains in Summers

Summer season is here and temperature is rising. Days are getting hotter and now you don’t want much of the sun light to come in to your home. Basically you would like to change the entire setting of your home keeping in mind the weather conditions. Now, you need more of a pleasant personality for your windows and you can start the job by changing curtains that you used in winters. To stop sunlight into your bedroom now you may go for blackout curtains and you can get best blackout curtains in Dubai easily. So, what do you need to consider this summers for your curtains? Well, here are 5 things to consider when buying curtains in summers.


  1. Fabric & color

Fabric is essential element when you are looking to buy curtains in summers. You ideally would choose light fabrics for summers with cotton and linen as a preferred choice. They are soft and easy to maintain and give a bright look to your rooms. You can add blackout also if you want more privacy and blackout of sunlight.

Similarly color is also very important thing to consider for curtains. In summers, you would not want rich colors and replacing them with pastel ones can be really a good choice. They instantly lighten up the space.


  1. Light control

 Summer has warm to hot temperatures and as much as you enjoy early morning sun light you definitely don’t enjoy it as the day progresses. And especially for your bedrooms where you want to take a nap sometime you want little or no sunlight at all. For, this situation you can go for blackout curtains as they are the best choice to adjust the brightness of the room. Blackout curtains help you keep your room dark and cozy entire day apart from giving you privacy.


  1. Readymade or made to measure curtains

This question applies in summers also. And the answer is that if you really want curtains of your choice then go for made to measure ones provided you are ready to pay little extra. Readymade options are also good as there are lots of varieties available now from all the manufacturers. You should also inquire whether the curtains are washing machine friendly or they require dry cleaning from outside.


  1. Sheer curtains are good choice for summers

Summer is the best time to bring sheer curtains home. It lightens up the space as they allow most light through the fabric. You may not want it for your bedroom but definitely for other rooms. You can put them on a passage and enjoy the light in through the day. You can also pair them best with blackout curtains and use it in your bedroom and living room.


  1. Blackout curtains are best for summers

Sheer curtains with soft color look lovely in summers but you definitely need cool ambience at home in summers. For this you need some blackout window curtains in summers. With blackout you can control the sunlight as you desire and thus you can keep your room temperature cool, a much needed thing in summers. So, you can buy some blackout curtains in light colors to keep the room temperature and ambience as per your requirement. Also, if you are looking for best blackout curtains then you can get blackout curtains in Dubai.



Few good reasons why you should buy blackout curtains

Choosing the right kind of curtains for your windows and door can be a challenging work. We all want best quality curtains, which compliment the room décor and aesthetically beautiful. While selecting curtains, we have many varieties available in the market. And blackout curtains are one of the many types of curtains, popular among people. Blackout curtains designed to block lights into the room and made from a heavy and tightly woven fabrics. However many of us abstain from buying blackout curtains for our room for various reasons. So here are few good reasons to buy blackout curtains for the windows and doors.

• Manage light in the room

Blackout curtains are the perfect choice if you want dark and intense environment in the room. These curtains are made to block light from external source through the curtains. You can manage the light by opening or closing the curtains.

• Help to sleep better

Blackout curtains block the sunlight effectively, so we can have a better sleep in the morning. We have more sound sleet when there is no light and therefore blackout curtains naturally create the environment for us.

• Reduce noise from external source

Along with light, blackout curtains successfully reduce the noise in the room. It effectively blocks sound from external source so that we can have peaceful environment.

• Reduce electricity bill

If you live in a place, which is hot and dry, then you may incur high cost on electricity bill due to more use air conditioning. However blackout curtains can curl the bill efficiently as it help to retain the heat out from room. Blackout curtains naturally reduce the inside temperature of a room in comparison to outside.

• Long lasting in comparison to other curtains

Blackout curtains are made of thick material and therefore the life of the curtains is much longer than other kind of curtains.