Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Key Facts About Blackout Curtains

Black curtains are more than just a household item for homeowners. Several folks have the idea that they’re made entirely in black, which is not the case at all since most linings of blackout curtains are mostly made of white materials.

Indeed, blackout curtains that started back in the 40s have truly evolved. Made of tightly-woven fabric, blackout curtains provide comfort and other remarkable functions that those of ordinary curtains.

Why Choose Blackout Curtains?

Generally, they block all types of lights entering the room. Besides windows, they can also be placed in between rooms, giving the impression of a door. Though several blackout curtains in Dubai only block half as much light, some are designed to block a small amount of it.

Sleep Better With The Help Of Blackout Drapes For Windows

Blackout curtains are well-suited for individuals with rather odd times of sleep. Sleeping with lights on itself is disturbing, imagine how much more if you come home from a night’s shift, only to be awakened by the sun’s blinding light.

Here’s where blackout curtains come into play– they help you sleep as much as you need to, without the sunlight creeping in through your window, waking you up needlessly.

Energy-Saving Curtains In Your Room

Aside from preventing light, these curtains also can –

Block the sunlight during summer helping you to keep your home cool
Keeps the cold out
They also help reduce the noise level in your room
Help prevent heat loss

Top Advantages

Light blocking – The primary use of blackout curtains in Dubai is to block light. As a top-rated manufacturer in Dubai, we claim majority of light is blocked, you would able to feel the difference upon installing blackout curtains. This is wonderful for any space that you’d like to make a darker and calmer environment.
Reduce heat transfer Some curtains can block heat transfer by 20 to 30 percent. With this reduction, you’d see drastic results in your electricity bills in the warm months. Depending on how much you spend on air conditioning, its a decent amount saved each year.
Noise reduction Blackout curtains Dubai block a significant amount of outside sound. Blackout curtains can block this unwanted sound by as much as 40 percent. Some claim to be able to decrease it by more.

Blackout Curtains Dubai

Blackout Curtains Dubai – When To Use And Why?

Several people might have heard about blackout curtains, but many have no idea why they can be so useful. Blackout curtains are more than a regular household item for some and can excellently improve your quality of life depending on your lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to blackout curtains in Dubai in general, and provide you with some reasons why they can be a wonderful choice.

Why should I choose blackout curtains in Dubai?

Many people are under the fake impression that they’re entirely black, but that could not be farther from the truth. Blackout curtains linings are usually made of white fabric. They’re made with tightly woven material that blocks all sorts of outside light from entering the home.

This can have all types of advantages. For instance, if you work at night due to your professional needs. You would prefer to get quality sleep during the day. Blackout curtains would be very helpful in this situation as they would create maximum possible darkness in your room for you to relax.

Many people work at nights in Dubai these days, finding blinds that can do the job can be a difficult task, most of the blinds are made for aesthetic reasons, not efficiency. Another reason, why you’d consider getting a blackout curtain is because of its amazing energy-saving elements.

It can help you save on energy bills in all types of ways. For instance, they can help you save on air conditioning by preventing sun rays from entering the room during warm sunny days, hence keeping the room natural.

During winter days, they can help you to keep the heat in and cold out, further helping you lower your energy bills. Another great benefit of blackout curtains in Dubai is that they prevent outside noise from entering the room, which is the ideal thing if you’ve to sleep at unusual times during the day.

But to take benefit of made-to-measure black curtains, you’ve to ensure that they’re installed rightly, or you will lose all the advantages. You’ve to ensure that your curtains cover the whole window and are installed higher than the curtain rod so they can efficiently block the light from entering.

All in all, this is wonderful for people with a hectic schedule who’re trying to enjoy a fine and smooth night’s sleep and they can also help you save a great deal on your energy costs. Just ensure that you install them rightly and use them wisely if you want to take benefit of all their advantages.

Wonders That Custom Made Curtains Can Offer

Wonders That Custom Made Curtains Can Offer

For many years, homeowners have relied on buying ready-made curtains to suit their needs. Though, not every homeowner is satisfied with its outcome.

There’re some who don’t have a choice but to get ready-made curtains just to change the interior. Nevertheless, it’s a must to consider custom-made curtains in Dubai.

These days, it’s the ideal solution for homeowners who want to incorporate their design and design for curtains. There’re types of blinds and curtains that are made to achieve your desired outcome.

In choosing the type of curtain, you can have freedom. You only have to pick the most appropriate materials and fabrics for your curtains and let the designers do their job of making your very own curtains.

You can pick from a huge selection of fabrics that’ll suit your needs. Having this type of option with let you get the chance to have great custom curtains that’ll fit your space and the overall motif of your home.

Advantages Of Curtains Customized Especially For You

Choosing curtains according to your taste will let you incorporate your personality into them. People who’re experts in creating curtains will make sure that you can get all the elements you’re looking for once they’ve finished the project.

Another factor why it’s a must to have the curtains is that theycan fit properly to your window. It’s a must to know that you’re the one who’ll take the measurements of your window, which is why any issue about fitting will have vanished.

In addition, it’s equally important to choose the colors, styles, fabrics, and materials in every room at home. It’ll guarantee that the purpose of the curtains will be attained without any issues.

Custommade curtains can provide great support

Though readymade curtains can provide additional support at home, you’ve to know that curtains that are bespoke or made to measure can further provide the right deals. All you’ve to do is to take benefit of choosing the right services that can provide great deals when it comes to this sort of curtain.

Overall, custom-made curtains, blinds and draperies in Dubai will perfectly fit windows. It can make a seamless touch that can provide great looks at home. You only have to pick the premium fabrics, colors, and designs that’ll suit your home. In that way, you’ll never have any issues with your curtains at home.

Growing Popularity of Made-to-Measure Curtains

Growing Popularity of Made-to-Measure Curtains

Consumers are taking more pride in their spaces with the advancing technology now that permits them to design better areas and put on more lavish and stylish décor. This would include made-to-measure curtains in Dubai for homes that have windows.

Designs and Styles

Made-to-measure curtains are wonderful for homes that need an ideal fit with the specific measurements of the windows or opening that needs closing at times. Ready-made curtains might have a role in certain homes. And offices for the convenience of smooth accessibility but rarely fit rightly but one would have to grit their teeth and bear with it.

Custom-made curtains are different; they’re tailored precisely to the perfect measurements given to ensure that the fit is perfect. There’re several designs and styles for custom curtains that several consumers are not aware of.

Several consumers rush into ready-made blinds and curtains as they think that bespoke curtains are limited in style, fabric, and design besides being more expensive and time-consuming. But with the right designers in Dubai, bespoke curtains can be produced very quickly according to your preferred design and style.

Expert center

With the right curtain expert in Dubai, the consumer will get through the customization procedure very easily. Consumers who look for expert curtain designer’s assistance would be guided through the right fabric from the available range of material and fabric options in the store.

Curtains designers can advise on matching heating and accessories to make sure that the whole certain set would be perfect. Consumers are not let to examine the blend of fabric, design, and accessories on their own.

Professional curtain and blind experts are also experienced and creative interior designers who can visualize the outcome of the space with the selected curtain hung on the windows.


Once the bespoke curtains are ready, the experts would hang them for a fitting. Alterations would be made effective if there’s a need, usually, there’s no need for it with expert curtain designers.

Expert curtain designers would make sure top quality in the production of bespoke curtains in Dubai as the designer and company reputations are at stake. Well-made custom curtains are fully lined and fitting.

Top-quality seamstresses would showcase their talents and skills in tailoring made-to-measure blinds and curtains. There would be the right fitting to make sure that the whole home would be aesthetically pleasing with the bespoke curtains.

Tips You Should Follow For your Bespoke Blinds

Tips You Should Follow For your Bespoke Blinds

Every home has windows that need coverings that add to both the functional and aesthetic value of each space they occupy. It no always an easy job, but it is vital as you décor your space and strive to maintain its feel and look over time.

Bespoke blinds can add distinctive character, and the choices for this aspect of your space are nearly endless. If you’re a person want to add something excellent to your interior with made-to-measure blinds in Dubai follow these tips:


The 1st consideration is that you will need to mount the blinds perfectly. There’re several ways including an inside mount that’s flush with the window frame or outside it creating a unique visual impact.

When your curtains and blinds are done with the inside mount you’re able to keep out more light with a strong fit in the window frame.

We work with budget options, and we can recommend the correct amount for the blinds you choose, so you will get the look and feel you want in each room.

Purpose Of The Room

Every space in your home has a purpose. It might sound obvious to say that a bath is primarily for sleeping, but it is a wonderful idea to remember as you think about custom-made blinds.

Every closed, blind in Dubai let in some light so an opaque roller shade behind it will let you have the versatility of the blinds during the daylight, but full light-blocking at night or for a day sleeper. Bespoke blinds let you control visibility and light in any room.

Blending is Beautiful

Preferences and tastes are different for everyone. But there’re certain ideas when it comes to custom-made blinds in Dubai that tend to be universal.

One of those ideas we have noticed over time is that homeowners don’t always want their windows to be the focal point of the room unless are the exception but for the most part windows should blend into the overall look of the room.

Therefore, when buying made-to-measure bespoke blinds, you might want to remember that they should coordinate with interior color design and scheme instead of dominant. Few things are super-beautiful than subtlety and they certainly hold for blinds that properly fit your room and window.

Look at Both Sides of the blinds

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen over time is when people pick custom blinds; they forget to consider the other side. How are your blinds and curtains going to look from the outside?

Curb appeal is enhanced when every window on a side of your house reflects a similar window covering. It provides consistency and order instead of having something unique in each window. Blinds are compatible with any interior style across multiple areas and they provide a beautiful touch from the outside.

Advantages of choosing Custom made draperies in Dubai

Advantages of choosing Custom made draperies in Dubai

Window treatments are subtle, but they’ve a significant impact on the aesthetic of your home. Picking the proper treatment also helps you achieve better light control, privacy, and sound control.
Custom draperies are one of the options for covering windows, but what are the advances of custom-made draperies? Let’s look deeper at why you invest in custom draperies in Dubai.

Variety of styles

One of the biggest advantages of custom draperies is the variety of styles. Choosing made-to-measure draperies in Dubai allows you to pick the material that fits your interior while also adopting your window treatment for your functional needs.
For instance, though the terms curtains and drapes are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Drapes are made from heavy materials and provide reasonable light control and privacy. Drapes also bring a textural component to a space often suited to formal areas.

Nevertheless, curtains can be backed with heavier materials or liners to enhance privacy. No matter how you treat your windows, custom draperies allow you to match fabrics to your function and style.
You can also decide on the draperies length, which also allows for various aesthetics. With drapery, there’re few limits to the type of styles you can achieve.


Whether you’ve unique or custom window sizes, custom draperies fit those windows properly. Ready-made treatments and drapes are available in limited sizes, so you might find that they do not provide the ideal fit you want.
Plus, with bespoke draperies, you will also be able to find the right color and design for your space. When you buy custom-made curtains, blinds, and draperies, they’re made to fit the measurement of your window rightly, and you will also be able to pick from the materials that match your style. Ultimately, it provides you the freedom to size your window treatments precisely.


It also represents the essence of top-quality window treatment. Professionally designed from the best materials, custom draperies are easy to spot. You pick the fabrics, colors, and textures that enhance interiors and then take advantage of the high-quality craftsmanship in constructing your window treatment. Custom-made draperies look and feel elegant and are made to last too.


Lastly, it’s also an excellent function choice. By investing in bespoke window treatments, you decide on the suitable materials for your functional needs, whether for privacy, sound control, light control, or even energy efficiency.
Indeed, bespoke draperies provide improved energy efficiency simply because they fit your windows better. When you pick the correct fabrics, you can enhance this quality, as our bespoke draperies in Dubai can help to manage cooling and heating costs.

Excellent Home Interiors with Beautiful Custom Made Curtains

No space is complete without gorgeous custom-made curtains decorating the windows and doors. These can enhance the beauty of our houses and we only realize this when one of our visitors commends us on this.

So, how do we go about getting the finest curtains in Dubai and putting them on our windows? You’d also realize that once you put these curtains on, the whole space takes on a very elegant look and anyone would feel that it’s a well-kept house.

Patterns, types, and colors

When you go in for bespoke curtains, there’re a lot of options that you can make. When you go to the manufacturers who’ve great experience, they’ll show you that it’s just not curtains that you’re looking for.

There’re several colors and patterns that you’ll see along with different types of materials and fabrics. You can pick custom-made curtains in cotton if you’re looking at these for summer seasons, as then this’d let some air inside and also protect the heat from coming through your doors and windows.

Cost factor

You can pick made-to-measure curtains in Dubai for the budget of your choice. All you’ve to do is to let the manufacturer know what budget you’ve in mind and they’ll be happy to show you the right options for your budget.

After all, the curtains are a key factor for your interior and so do not think about cutting back on money. After all, when there’re a group of friends who come home and comment on your skill in finding the right bespoke curtains in Dubai, you will realize they were worth it.

Repair and Maintenance

Same as any other home hold product; your bespoke curtains are also susceptible to damage. More so the case, if you host several friends at home and spillage of drinks and beverages, is quite common resulting in damage to your blinds and curtains.

If your pets or kids could have pulled it around and considering the amount of money that you invest, how good it would be if an expert could get this cleaned or repaired? There’re some of them who provide to do that so talk and they’ll be happy to take care of your made-to-measure curtains.

Choosing the best custom curtains will provide great advantages in Dubai. To buy or need further info about custom curtains, blinds and draperies call us.

How To Measure Windows For Ordering The Correct Size Of Curtains

Sometimes you may not be in a position to call your curtains company for taking window measurements. The possibility is that you might be living in places like UK, Europe, USA or Canada where custom made curtains are very costly & expensive. There are many people living in these regions who prefer to get custom made curtains due to their advantages and prefer to save on the cost by ordering them from curtains makers  in Dubai. The biggest challenge faced in such instances is how to measure the windows correctly in order to get the perfect fit.

We are more than happy to guide you with getting your window measurements for curtains. Before measuring its important to decide if you want the curtains to be fixed at ceiling level. Whether the curtains have to be wall to wall or they should be extended few centimeters besides the right and left side of the window.

Ceiling To Floor Curtains

When the windows are big and reach almost the ceiling level or, the gap between the top part of window and ceiling is around 50cm or less then its best to place the curtains from ceiling to floor. In case the gap is around 100cm then placing the curtains around 20cm above the window is also fine. In case you don’t want your curtains to get dirty from bottom part then it best to hang them minimum 1cm above the floor.

Wall To Wall Curtains 

When the windows are wide and reach almost the corners of wall or, the gap is around 50cm or less between the window and wall then its better to choose wall to wall curtains. In case the gap is 100cm or more then you may choose either to put wall to wall curtains or 20cm wide on each side of the window.

Hope the above information would be useful to you for measuring your windows for getting the best curtains. For any doubts or clarifications, you may contact us & we would be glad to assist you.

Home Automation & Curtains In Dubai-UAE

Home Automation-The Latest Trend 

Home Automation is the latest trend which is getting very popular amongst the high end community in Dubai. With the help of home automation you can operate and control your motorized curtains with a click of a button or a program.

About Home Automation

Home Automation is a process of transforming home or house into smart home or smart house.

It allows you to monitor & control the lightings, temperature, appliances and curtains with latest technology.

Custom Made Curtains For Home Automation

There are many companies which supply and install custom made curtains in Dubai & can be relied upon for sourcing curtains to include in home automation. Not only you need custom made curtains but motors and tracks as well for the same. The motors which are used for home automation have specific features which are relevant for the required functions.

Motorized Curtains Making Luxurious Statement

What Is Motorization Of Curtains

No doubt curtains play a critical role in enhancing the decor & blocking light entering the room. Curtains do make the space look luxurious when motorized.

Motorization means you need not open or close the curtains by hands. All you need is just press a remote button and the curtains would follow the command just like your television or other devices. You can choose to close them completely or to the extent you prefer.

Just imagine its early morning and you want the sun to enter your room without stepping out of your cozy bed. Its night time and you are relaxing on your bed but the curtains are opened. In both situations, it gets so convenient that you can just use a remote or an app on your smartphone to control the curtains. There are even devices available through which you can operate the curtains through voice command.

Motorization of curtains definitely costs a lot more than manually operated curtains. They do provide lot of comfort and convenience when it comes to controlling the curtains.