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How To Measure Windows For Ordering The Correct Size Of Curtains

Sometimes you may not be in a position to call your curtains company for taking window measurements. The possibility is that you might be living in places like UK, Europe, USA or Canada where custom made curtains are very costly & expensive. There are many people living in these regions who prefer to get custom made curtains due to their advantages and prefer to save on the cost by ordering them from curtains makers  in Dubai. The biggest challenge faced in such instances is how to measure the windows correctly in order to get the perfect fit.

We are more than happy to guide you with getting your window measurements for curtains. Before measuring its important to decide if you want the curtains to be fixed at ceiling level. Whether the curtains have to be wall to wall or they should be extended few centimeters besides the right and left side of the window.

Ceiling To Floor Curtains

When the windows are big and reach almost the ceiling level or, the gap between the top part of window and ceiling is around 50cm or less then its best to place the curtains from ceiling to floor. In case the gap is around 100cm then placing the curtains around 20cm above the window is also fine. In case you don’t want your curtains to get dirty from bottom part then it best to hang them minimum 1cm above the floor.

Wall To Wall Curtains 

When the windows are wide and reach almost the corners of wall or, the gap is around 50cm or less between the window and wall then its better to choose wall to wall curtains. In case the gap is 100cm or more then you may choose either to put wall to wall curtains or 20cm wide on each side of the window.

Hope the above information would be useful to you for measuring your windows for getting the best curtains. For any doubts or clarifications, you may contact us & we would be glad to assist you.

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