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Popular Styles Of Curtains

Curtains are a lot more than just a piece of cloth placed on a window to create privacy. Draperies are an integral part of a room’s decor & for this reason all interior designer’s give utmost attention to selection of curtains style. It is possible to make custom made curtains in different styles such as pencil pleat, pinch pleat, wave style and eyelet.

Pencil Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains are most commonly preferred amongst custom made curtains. Pencil pleat curtains can be hanged with single pleat, double pleat or triple pleat. These curtains not only look beautiful but also give the freedom to adjust according to window width as the gap or types of pleats can be chosen based on curtain panel and window’s width. The pleats are made with the help of hooks which can be removed easily when the curtains are required to be washed.

Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains are similar to pencil pleat curtains. As the name indicates, the pleats are pinched with a stitch at the bottom. These curtains definitely look more neat, organized and are made exactly according to window dimension. Pinch pleat curtains can also be made in single pinch pleat, double pinch pleat and triple pinch pleat.

Wave Style Curtains

Wave curtains are the ones where the pleats are not made but the fall is achieved with the help of special tracks. When the curtains are closed, the finish looks like a wave and for this reason the name is given as wave style curtains. These type of curtains are preferred by people who prefer a simple yet elegant look for their curtains.

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are loved by people who want easy access to their curtains for removing and hanging them back. These curtains can be installed on rods conveniently. There are plastic or metal rings used to cover the holes made on top part of curtain. The rings are fixed permanently on top part of curtains making a hole which can be inserted in curtain rods easily.

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