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Everything you need to know about Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are very good choice for not just windows treatment but also for updating an interior. You
can use them for blocking sunlight especially in summers and maintaining privacy of the room from the
outside invasions. This is functional advantage of roller blinds. But you can choose fabric, color, design
and texture of the blind to match the interior of the room. Thus roller blinds also offer aesthetic value to
your interiors. However, before you use them you need to know some major things about roller blinds.
Here are some points you need to know about roller blinds.

1. Why to use roller blinds
Well, apart from blocking and filtering unwanted light into your room you can also maintain privacy by
using roller blinds. They also offer monetary benefits when they filter or block light. They keep your
room cooler in summers and allow you to keep your room warmer in winters. Thus they cut down
significantly on your energy consumption and cost.

2. Types of roller blinds
Depending on the material used for the blind there are different varieties of them. They include Light
filtering roller blinds, blockout roller blinds and sunscreen roller blinds. You can find all these materials
available in different colors and designs. They come with wonderful UV ratings which help in protecting
the furnishings in your house.

3. Where to use roller blinds
You can use roller blinds in different places in your home. This includes your bedroom, kitchen, living
rooms and bathrooms. You can also use them in your office. Choice of roller blind for a particular room
or space depends on what is your preference there in terms of blocking light and marinating privacy. In
this sense, Blockout blinds are perfect choice for bedrooms because they block unwanted light and also
provide you privacy. Similarly, blockout and sunscreen blinds are two good choices for kitchen because
you may not need absolute privacy in your kitchen.

4. How to measure
You can choose recess measurement mainly in two ways. One option is when you want your blind to fit
within your window recess and second option is when you want your roller blind to fit outside the
window recess. You are also suggested that if you want to choose a roller blind to fit outside a window
recess then you should go for the blind extending at least 100mm beyond each side of the window

5. How to maintain roller blinds
Roller blinds are very easy to maintain. If you want to remove accumulated dust on the blind, you can
use a vacuum cleaner. For minor stains, you can simply use a damp cloth to clean it. When cleaning you
should not be too rough on the fabric of the roll because it may damage its coating or its color may fade

as well. When the roller requires major cleaning, you are suggested to use guidelines given to you from
the fabric manufacturer. For more details about material for maintenance purpose you can contact your
roller blind supplier. If you request them they will usually send you common spare parts if required.

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