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Everything you need to know about sheer curtains

Sheer curtain is a very good choice for your windows treatment. Sheer curtains are light
and airy and they have superb functionality. They filter and defuse light during the day
which you want especially during summers. Sheer curtains also let you maintain your
privacy. But sheer curtains are not just about their functionality as they also add look
and feel value to your space. Sheer curtains are made of different kinds of fabrics in
different colors and patterns. You can choose the best sheer curtain after evaluating
both functionality and styling part of it.

Now, you may like to know more about sheer curtains. So, here are things that you
need to know about sheer curtains.

1. What fabric/materials they are made of?

Sheer curtains are made of variety of materials which include cotton fabric, high end
polyesters, silk, and voile. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages
and you can choose the material as per the advantage you are looking for and
disadvantages you want to avoid. Talking about benefits, cotton fabric creates fine
texture while polyester gives you glamorous look and they are cost effective, easy to
clean and maintain. So, lighter fabric give casual feel and filter light, while denser fabrics
give more formal feel and add more privacy.

2. How to use sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains filter light but they don’t block light. So, you can use them for windows
and other non-living areas throughout your home like hall, bed canopies, doorways and
stairwells. You can use sheer curtains for privacy purpose also. Sheer curtains are light
weight and easy to hang.
You can use sheer curtains for layering purpose as well. For this, you can use set of
sheer curtains behind heavier curtains. Sheers can also be used as an elegant room
divider if there is a large open plan space.

3. Where they can be used best?

Sheer curtains are best for rooms and spaces where your purpose is to get defused
light along with privacy. So, those rooms and windows where there comes lot of light in
your home, you can use sheers. However, sheers may not be the best choice for
kitchen and bathroom because of the heat and moisture coming in through the fabric it
is made of.

4. What should be the measurement of sheers?

For the width measurements you need to measure the width of the window and then
add the required stackback to it. Stackback is the amount of wall space at either side of
window the curtain occupies when curtain is fully open. You can also double or triple the
length of the window if you want. For length of the sheer you can measure from the top
of the curtain rod which you should fix closer to the ceiling rather than the top of your
window or from the pin carrier to the desired length. Length also depends on the design
and your personal preferences.
When it comes to sheer curtains in Dubai, you get plenty of options. The only limit is
your creativity and budget.

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