Motorized Blinds in Dubai   Motorized Blinds in Dubai When you are choosing blinds for your windows of your rooms at home or office then you may face the confusion of choosing between roller blinds and roman blinds.

Roller blinds vs Roman blinds

When you are choosing blinds for your windows of your rooms at home or office then you may face the
confusion of choosing between roller blinds and roman blinds. Generally when decorating a new or old
house or office, people tend to keep windows treatment at the last of their priorities list. As much this
should not be the case as window treatment is equally important. However, it can be confusing also. So,
how do you decide whether to choose roller blinds or roman blinds for the windows of your house?
Well, here are some properties of the two that will help you decide which one should match your

1. Affordability
Cost is an important factor while choosing a blind for your windows. If you are the one who loves to
decorate your space on regular basis then you would like blinds which are more affordable than the
other. So, in this senses you can go for roller blinds because roman blinds are costlier than roller blinds.
But if you want to add luxurious feel to your rooms then you can go for roller blinds.

2. Maintenance & customization

When it comes to maintenance, rollers blinds are easier to maintain. They are light weight and you don’t
need to customize the size of roller blinds to fit your windows. On the other side, roller blinds generally
have to be customized. So, if you have different sizes of windows and you don’t want to customize all
your blinds then roller blinds should be your choice but if you are fine with customization then you can
choose roman blinds. Roller blinds don’t get dirty too soon so they are easy to maintain while roman
blinds get dusts between the layers so cleaning them could be a tough job.

3. Privacy

In many ways roller and roman blinds are same. For example, they both can be pulled up or down.
However, when it comes to blocking sun light roman blinds can block light completely because they are
heavy fabrics. On the other hand roller blinds cannot block sun light completely. They are made of light
fabric and so sun light is still able to filter through the blind keeping your room warm. But this way,
roman blinds offer you more privacy than roller blinds.

4. Styling

Roman blinds are available in different types of fabrics giving you plenty of options to choose from. Silk
and linen are two most common fabrics in roman blinds. This is why when it comes to giving style and
elegance to your room; you are spoilt for choices with roman blinds. They are made of heavy fabrics and
they are also available in many designs. So, you can enjoy great look, drama and privacy at the same
time by choosing roman blinds. On the other hand roller blinds are more useful in offices because of its
business like looks.

5. Space usage

If you are concerned about space taken up by rollers then you can choose roller blinds because they
take up less window space. This allows more light to come into your room. On the other hand roman
blinds because of their structure, hang in fold blocking light more. So, as per your requirement of space
and light you can choose between roller blinds and roman blinds.

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