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Luxury entryways always set the tone for a home and truly represent and define your aesthetic. First impressions last long and that’s why you should never underestimate the power of a luxury console. Ready to discover the Suspicion Console Table?

Suspicion Console is daringly sculpted in stone and fills any room with lavishing luxury, the zenith between elegance and balance.

This marble console table is the epitome of intricate equilibrium, joining marble with fine brass lines.
Huli I Mirror is inspired by a tribe from Papua New Guinea known for painting their faces yellow, red, and white to impress the enemy. This ritual was the inspiration behind this piece, made of matte casted brass. It is more than a wall mirror, it is a decorative item that will spice any wall.
Winnow Table Lamp takes its name from the winnowing method, an ancient technique of separating grain from the straw. Its body is composed of small lacquer wood tubes, representing the straw, and the abat jour shade emerges from the base with a light tapioca fabric, separating distinctively from its rigid body. By mixing a more classic approach to the shade with a contemporary design to its body, this table lamp will brighten every surface and interior.

Oslo is a round rug inspired by the long snow-white pile spots of the Norwegian capital. A rug that combines comfort with nobility, showing that it is the perfect rug to dress a room in a cozier and more comfortable way. Made with Bamboo Silk and New Zealand Wool, this handmade rug promises to warm your heart on cold days.

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