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Cullman & Kravis is known for providing the highest quality of design excellence and personal service since 1984. They collaborate closely with clients to realize their aesthetic ideas and practical needs while adhering to their established budgets. While elegance and practicality are C&K’s first objectives, their utmost pride comes from the fact that every home they design reflects the personality of the owner, making no two projects the same.

The goal of Cullman & Kravis’ most recent work is to redefine the traditional interior. Their designs have been edited, clarified, and strengthened with new materials and palettesto achieve a “modern traditional” aesthetic. With this fresh approach, the point of view is contemporary while still respecting the 30-year history of the company. They use antiques of all periods and origins alongside modern artworks, custom-made furniture, and exceptional textilesto create dynamic interiors that are complex and layered-always comfortable and never overly formal.

They are delighted to collaborate on these projects with such distinguished architects as Allan Greenberg, Tom Kirchhoff, Tom Kligerman, John B. Murray, Gordon Pierce, Oscar Shamamian, Jeff Smith, and Peter Zimmerman.

Located in New York City, Cullman & Kravis is currently busy working on projects in and around Manhattan, the Hamptons, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Colorado and Hawaii.


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