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The ideal nature feeling for contemporary design lovers in this amazing living room. That’s how we can describe Caffe Latte and Covet House‘s sleek new project, designed by the greek designer Maggie K. The perfect connection between the fresh and revitalizing tones of the hottest times of the year, and statement art pieces, whether they are more classicor modern.

These are two rooms combined into one, in which the vast presence of Caffe Latte accentuates the idea of comfort and functionality that should last in a house through neutral and natural pieces. The appeal to nature is such that it blends with the idea of bringing the outside in a light and precious way.

As the main and most spacious piece in this room, Siphon Modular Sofa is an oasis of relaxation and well-being in which the whole family can gather for cozy and enjoyable afternoons. To further enhance comfort, Minas Big Center Table brings rich authenticity and marble essence while Sugar Rug delivers soft vibes of the terrazzo trend.

If the living room means leisure and rest, in the corners, the main message is organization, keeping sublime the combination between art and nature. On the one hand, Boma Sideboard is the forerunner of good storage practices, thanks to its multiple partitions and compartments while Shield Oval Mirror, by Maison Valentina, reveals itself in all its splendor and sumptuousness. More minimalist but still functional, Cubic Sconce Big, from Boca do Lobo, is a real statement piece in the wall lamp field and an idyllic continuation of the outdoors spirit.

On the opposite side, we have what could be a small but unique office, where the Caffeine Bookcase is the paramount of neutrality and functionality, joined by the Panna Chair, a japandi style gem, thanks to its elegant, wooded curves. Precisely in the middle of the room, the chic and iconic presence of the Aroma Console and Winnow Table Lamp has to be underlined, proving that simplicity is the key to sophistication. They are the beginning of a new path that will lead us to a reading corner, where Marco Armchair from Essential Home and Tamper Side Table by Caffe Latte make an elegant duo, quite tempting and vibrant. If you want to receive more friends or just for a more intimate meet, Sequoia Side Table, from Brabbu, and Panna Chair, in a double dose, prove to be the ideal company of coziness and elegance.

Spring is coming, and nothing better than being with those we love the most in a refreshing and comfy ambiance filled with good vibes. Life is art, so make it beautiful.


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